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Hi, my name is Jose Alcántara. I’m a specialist in software development. I help teams grow and achieve a high performance level.

I love languages and speak German, English, and Spanish fluently.


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I am an agile specialist with a long experience as team leader with special interest in digital business development.

I commit to projects for long. Any real transformation in a complex organization requires time.

Customer-centered mindset

Keeping the customer needs at the center helps you align your own business goals to achieve them through value delivery to the end-users.

Engineering management

Soft skills are no longer soft, instead they are at the core of managing technology development teams.

Supplier management

Any large project involves workforce external to the organization, I am also experienced in aligning suppliers to help the organization meet its goals.

Research & Development

I finished a PhD in hardware design for chemical analysis, then continued growing my R&D management profile first in my own company, then in big, global corporates.

Quick career overview

Check out my professional path to see what I’ve done and what brought me here

Vodafone IOT (2022-Now)

Helping and driving the transformation of the organization to overcome the challenges that the global scale sets for the global IOT leader

Countries: Spain

Ericsson (2017-2022)

First as a developer, then supporting several teams with the mission of establishing good devops practices within the Network Design and Optimization organization

Countries: Spain

Cartograf (2010-2016)

Founded a company and served our customers (both IBEX35 like Telefonica, BBVA, Ferrovial and SMEs) with both our software development and our business intelligence services

Countries: Spain, Uruguay, Chile

Doctor in Physical and Analytical Chemistry (Finished in 2010)

Studied the physical, fundamental laser-matter interaction while developing a Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer for chemical analysis and building the control software for that instrument

Countries: Spain, Germany, Switzerland

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